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This 1940's cottage, located in the Historic District of the Village of Pinehurst, received much needed charm and additional space with a complete renovation and a 1,400 sf addition.


A new garden wall integrates the landscaping with the architecture as it wraps around the front patio area.

A fountain, tucked between two sections of the wall, greets friends and neighbors with the subtle sound of trickling water.


The chimney of the new outdoor fireplace was married to the existing chimney to help the house blend seamlessly into the Historic District of the Village. The bricks were whitewashed to blend the old and new, while giving the house a sense of timeless grace.   



Located across from the famous No. 2 golf course, this new home was designed to capture the championship views.

A large veranda offers the perfect spot for entertaining or enjoying the Home of American Golf.


The spacious interiors incorporate vaulted ceilings and a unique glass ceiling over the rear porch. These elements give the space a sense of openness and a connection to the outdoors.


Landscape and hardscape design blend seamlessly into the architecture and surroundings. A beautifully contoured front lawn emulates the golf greens and incorporates a  "sand trap" for perfecting one's golf swing at home.


With this home, every day is "a beautiful day in Pinehurst."




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